2015 m. birželio 30 d., antradienis

New beggining!

Hey guys! After long time not writing I finally can anounce a lounch of my new place to share ideas and creative stuff. For a few months I did not even want to do anything related with blogging, but later realized that I have to come back, but slowly and with confidence. So now you can find me here:


I will be so glad if you check out my new stuff, so far it is not a lot, but I will work hard to produce good content!

2014 m. rugpjūčio 13 d., trečiadienis

Watercolor and doodles

I started a new drawing! This is how the start looked like. Now it is finished and I am glad with the result. Little pop of color makes me love it much more!

2014 m. rugpjūčio 10 d., sekmadienis

Watercolor technique - plastic wrap


This time I want to share simple technique to create interesting background for your watercolor painting. I learned it from the net couple years ago and one day with my sister we were thinking what to draw and I remembered how exciting and funny it is!

You will need just a plastic bag, paper and of course watercolors! Just apply colors on paper as you usually would but increase amount of water a little bit. Try to work as fast as possible till the paint hasn't dried and at the end simply put plastic bag on your painting. I shredded it a little bit just to fit on my paper. Then wrinkle the plastic with your fingers and when you will be satisfied with that cover leave it to dry.



Once watercolors dries you can remove that plastic bag and admire the result! It is unique every time and I like it very much for this. This technique is good when you want to create an interesting background for your drawing. Even though you don't already know what you are going to draw you can create couple of these pages and then maybe inspiration will strike!

It worked for me. I ended up with this cute flower display and thought that it can be a nice wallpaper for a phone! So use it if you like and let me know which (darker or lighter) you prefer more??

2014 m. rugpjūčio 5 d., antradienis

DIY: renewed phone case


So once again I tried to make something new out of old stuff and my phone case got in the way!

 Before it was simply black and I often used to put stickers on it, usually the ones I have stolen from my sisters collection (evil me).

First I covered the good place with duck tape and then painted with white gouache. I did this so that washi tape color would pop out more. If your case is white or you do not mind the background color coming out you can skip this!

Once I had it all covered I started adding washi tape (I got mine at TIGER shop). nd then it was done I cut the ends and covered the surface with clear nail polish. It would be better to use special varnish but I didn't have one so use your imagination!

I was pleased with the result. It is fun to renew things, but maybe next time I would not paint edges of  the case and simply limit painting to the front surface only, because they are bending the most and after some time washi tape starts to wrinkle!

2014 m. liepos 27 d., sekmadienis


 Once again I'm back with mandala painting. Here and here and kind of here I shared my mandala's. They are all different but I think in a good way! For those who never tried this kind of painting I would definitely recommend to try it, because of this relaxing process all of the problems you are facing will be washed away.

2014 m. liepos 26 d., šeštadienis

Watermelon popcycles/Arbūziniai ledai

When summer is this hot it is impossible to live without cold drinks or popcycles! The net is full of recipes, but the most common I found is with watermelon. It only needs watermelon, lime and sugar. I mixed everything depending on my taste, but it tricked me, because popcycles were little bit too sugary. Next time I will skip sugar at all as the watermelon gives that perfect sweetness!

Think it is summers must-try because it's refreshing and very tasteful! But it nervous me when I need to take popcycles out. Maybe there is some clever way? I lay the form in hot water for a while but it still is a struggle!


Finally, I learned shift+ctrl+alt combination to insert an exclamation mark, because my computer is protesting to switch languages. This way I used to put it in the past. Now I don't realy need two languages on my keyboard. Cool !!!!

2014 m. liepos 22 d., antradienis


Here I shared one tribal painting and I think this one is a continuation. They are kind of similar but also different in some way. Definitely will be hanging them together somewhere in the house!


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